Management by Objectives (MBO)

Management by Objectives (MBO) 目标管理

Managing employee performance is an essential component of the job carried out throughout the year by all executives and ranking officers. It is as vital as managing economic resources and program results. That is because the performance of employees or their absence has a profound impact on any organization’s economic and program elements. 管理员工绩效是所有高管和高级管理人员全年工作的重要组成部分。它与管理经济资源和项目成果同样重要。这是因为员工的表现或缺勤对任何组织的经济和计划要素都有深刻的影响。

What is management by objectives? 什么是目标管理?

Management By Objectives (MBO) is an approach to performance management and improvement, which aims to compare employee performance to the goals of the organization. The essence of the fundamental principle of Peter Drucker’s Management By Objectives is to evaluate common goals and to provide feedback on outcomes. Trying to set challenging but achievable goals keeps the employees motivated and empowered. Expanding engagement gives managers the chance to concentrate on fresh concepts and innovation that contribute to the organization’s growth and goals. 目标管理(MBO)是一种绩效管理和改进的方法,旨在将员工绩效与组织目标进行比较。彼得·德鲁克目标管理的基本原则的实质是评估共同目标,并对结果提供反馈。努力设定具有挑战性但可以实现的目标,可以让员工保持积极性和能力。扩大参与度使管理者有机会专注于有助于组织发展和目标的新概念和创新。

Executives need to define the goals of the organization that they want to achieve and then relay to the company and individuals the goals for them to support and implement. In addition, executives supervise and assess employee productivity and use performance as a basis for ideal staff behavior. They should also include rewarding those who execute a remarkable performance and commit less than effective performance improvement actions. 管理者需要定义他们想要实现的组织目标,然后将他们要支持和实现的目标传达给公司和个人。此外,管理人员还监督和评估员工的生产力,并将绩效作为员工理想行为的基础。它们还应包括奖励那些执行卓越绩效并承诺不太有效的绩效改进行动的人。

Employees receive feedback regularly, and instead of focusing on the sanctions given when infractions are committed, the emphasis is on the rewards that an employee receives when proven efficient in the job. The emphasis is on personal development and growth instead of negativity for failing to achieve goals. 员工会定期收到反馈,而不是关注违规行为时给予的处罚,重点是员工在工作中被证明有效率时得到的奖励。重点是个人的发展和成长,而不是对未能实现目标的消极态度。

Drucker thought that MBO was an instrument to be used rather than a cure-all. It provides a mechanism for organizations. Many professionals claim that MBO’s success depends on the assistance of the top management, carefully outlined goals and qualified executives who can execute them. 德鲁克认为MBO是一种可以使用的工具,而不是一种万能药。它为组织提供了一种机制。许多专业人士声称,MBO的成功有赖于高层管理层的协助、精心制定的目标以及能够执行这些目标的合格高管。

How to practice Management By Objectives 如何实施目标管理

MBO has five crucial steps as follows: 管理层收购有五个关键步骤:

  1. Identify or revise organizational goals 确定或修改组织目标
  2. Translate organizational objectives to employees将组织目标解释给员工
  3. Stimulate the participation of employees in determining objectives 激励员工参与确定目标
  4. Monitor progress 监控进度
  5. Evaluate and reward achievements 绩效考核与奖励

1. Identify or revise organizational goals 确定或修改组织目标

The company needs to identify and determine the goals of the organization. Companies need to do this to determine where the company is heading. To set goals, the head of the company should base them on the company’s mission and vision. 公司需要确定和确定组织的目标。公司需要这样做来确定公司的发展方向。为了设定目标,公司领导应该根据公司的使命和愿景来制定。

2. Translate organizational objectives to employees 将组织目标解释给员工

The company should make their employees understand the overarching goals. Doing this is important because they need to know what the company aims to achieve. When employees clearly understand what the company objectives are, they will have time to plan for the steps that they’re taking in the future to achieve goals. A company can conduct meetings and coaching from team leaders down to its members to clearly communicate goals. 公司应该让员工了解首要目标。这样做很重要,因为他们需要知道公司的目标是什么。当员工清楚地了解公司的目标是什么时,他们将有时间计划他们在未来为实现目标而采取的步骤。公司可以从团队领导到成员进行会议和指导,以便清晰地传达目标。

3. Stimulate the participation of employees in determining objectives 鼓励员工参与确定目标

The starting point is to involve each employee in setting individual goals in line with the organization’s goals. This operates best when the organization’s goals are debated and communicated across all levels to make sure everyone understands why certain things need action. Supervisors must know how to make their employees participate in the setting of company goals so everyone is on the same page. This will also allow them to determine company objectives without being unfair to their employees. 出发点是让每个员工根据组织的目标制定个人目标。当组织的目标在各个层面上进行辩论和沟通,以确保每个人都理解为什么某些事情需要采取行动时,这种方式最有效。主管必须知道如何让员工参与到公司目标的制定中,这样每个人都会站在同一个页面上。这也将使他们能够确定公司的目标,而不会对员工不公平。

4. Monitor progress 监控进度

You have to monitor progress because SMART goals are measurable. If they cannot be measured, the employees of the company will not have an idea of how efficient they were in meeting the goals. Prepare a checklist of things that the employees need to accomplish in a certain period of time. 你必须监控进展,因为SMART目标是可以衡量的。如果无法衡量,公司的员工就不知道他们在实现目标方面的效率有多高。准备一份员工在一定时间内需要完成的事情清单。

5. Evaluate and reward achievements 考核奖励成绩

A company needs to evaluate the performance of its employees to ensure performance points to the goals of the company. When employees meet and exceed goals, it’s important to provide rewards to keep them motivated. 公司需要评估员工的绩效,以确保绩效指向公司的目标。当员工达到并超过目标时,提供奖励以保持他们的积极性是很重要的。

Management By Objectives examples目标管理举例

If you are a company head, you need to execute MBO precisely. Below are some examples showing how to determine the goals that these sectors need to set: 如果你是一个公司的领导,你需要准确地执行MBO。以下是一些示例,说明如何确定这些部门需要设定的目标:

Company performance MBO examples 公司绩效目标管理案例

Company performance is one of the most crucial factors to determine whether the company has completed its goals. Here are some goals that you can establish depending on the performance of the company as a whole: 公司绩效是决定公司是否完成目标的最关键因素之一。以下是根据公司整体业绩制定的一些目标:

  • Become the industry leader 成为行业领导者
  • Attain $50,000 money flow for every month 每月获得5万新元的资金流
  • Increase CSAT to 90 percent 将顾客满意度提高到90%
  • Boost client retention rate to 92.5 percent 将客户保留率提高到5%

Marketing MBO examples 营销目标管理案例

Marketing is an important aspect of taking care of the organization’s customers. A company can set goals like: 营销是照顾组织客户的一个重要方面。公司可以设定如下目标:

  • Generate 40 percent of total business income from marketing strategies 从营销策略中获得40%的总业务收入
  • Improve annual product customers by 35 percent 年度产品客户增长35%
  • Increase marketing ROI by 7.5 percent 将市场投资回报率提高5%
  • Triple your social media following 社交媒体关注度提高三倍
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