ACRA Guidance on register of registrable controllers and register of nominee directors

ACRA Guidance on Register of Registrable Controllers and Register of Nominee Directors 会计与公司监管局关于实际控制者登记册和提名董事登记册的指南 On 22 May 2019, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) revised the following ACRA Guidance relating to requirements on register of controllers for companies, foreign companies and limited liability partnerships (“LLPs”) (collectively, “ACRA Guidance on Register of Controllers”). 2019年5月22日,会计与公司监管局(“ACRA”)修订了以下ACRA指南,涉及公司、外国公司和有限责任合伙企业(“LLPs”) 注册控制者的要求(统称“ACRA实际控制者登记册指南”)。 Guidance […]

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