We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Accounting and GST

A proper set of accounts is the basis of all compliance filing such as IRAS Corporate income tax and ACRA Annual Return. Financial statements is used to compute income tax, and presented to shareholders on AGM. Contact Charles to find out how we can assist you to prepare a complete set of accounts, which includes: balance sheet, profit & loss, general ledger, etc. The service charge for accounting service depends on the time spent. The monthly account starts at S$300/month, the quarterly account starts at S$375/quarter and the annual account starts at S$750/annum. By rule of thumb, the accounting service charge for a standard A4 archfile is S$375.

Secretarial Services
The position of company secretary must not be left vacant for more than 6 months. Your company secretary is responsible for the preparation of director’s resolutions, allotment and transfer of shares, filing of company information and Annual Return after AGMs on ACRA BizFile, and keeping registers of members, officers, controllers and nominee directors. Basic secretarial services are sufficient for most SMEs, with a service fee of S$375 plus AR filing fee S$60 per annum. Others services, such as: reduction of share capital, amendment of constitution, striking off of a company, are charged at S$300 per item.
Income Tax

We offer a wide range of tax preparation services to help you get your maximum profit and tax compliance. We can help you with submission of estimated chargeable income (ECI), corporate income tax computation, preparation of capital allowance, expense schedule, etc., and then fill in and submit Form C/C-S online, with a fee of only S$315 per annum. ECI applies to most of profitable companies. We encourage client employees to go to the IRAS website or counter to file tax returns for free of charge. If the client’s boss doesn’t have time to file their own tax returns, we can act as an agent for the individual tax for a fee of only S$315. The service fee of GST is included in the accounting service.

Financial Statements

We can prepare your financial statements (FS) or financial report in accordance with Financial Reporting Standards. The Standards are likely to be updated every one or two years, so the use of professional services is strongly recommended. The FS produced can be a useful tool for management making financial decisions and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Foreign companies, Companies limited by Guarantee, and Exempt private companies (EPC) only need to prepare FS in PDF format at a cost of S$375. Dormant EPCs are exempt from preparing FS. Other private companies are required to prepare FS in PDF and XBRL format at a cost of S$375 each.


Nominee Director

Under the Singapore Companies Act, one of the directors of each Singapore company must be a resident of Singapore. If your company does not comply with this regulation, you can choose our Nominee Director service. The role of the Nominee Director is to ensure that the company complies with the requirements of the company law and does not involve any financial and operational matters of the company. You must appoint at least one or more directors to be responsible for the company’s operations. The Nominee Director fee is S$2000/annum, and you need to accept our annual secretarial, tax and other services.


We offer a cost-effective package, which is suitable for local and foreigners who want to set up a Company in Singapore. Incorporation services include: Company name search & registration, Company constitution, and business profile. Additional services include: opening bank account, and CPF/MOM/Corpass accounts. The incorporation service fee is S$185, plus fees on behalf of ACRA S$315. Due to the requirements of the registered filing agent (RFA), we need to conduct KYC and customers due diligence. Therefore, you need to accept our annual secretarial services, tax and other services. You may need our Nominee Director service as well if your company does not have any local director(s).


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Accounting Services Packages:

Package 1: Monthly account x 12 months + financial report + income tax + company secretary + AR filing
=200* x 12 + 300 + 300 + 300 + 60 = S$3,360/annum

Package 2: Quarterly account x 4 quarters + financial report + income tax + company secretary + AR filing
=300* x 4 + 300+ 300 + 300 + 60 = S$2,160/annum

Package 3: Annual account + financial report + income tax + company secretary + AR filing
=600* + 300 + 300 + 300 +60 = S$1,560/annum

Note * : starting from