Accounting Procedure for Different Industries

Accounting Procedure for Different Industries 不同行业的会计程序

Every industry needs to maintain its books of accounts to know its financial position at the end of a year. Just like industries differ from one another, their accounting needs also are different and unique. So, the accounting standards used for a start-up cannot be adopted for a tech firm or a manufacturing firm. In this blog post we are giving brief about accounting procedure for different industries, this blog post will be really helpful for accounting fraternity. 每个行业都需要维护自己的账簿,以便在年底了解自己的财务状况。就像不同行业之间的差异一样,它们的会计需求也是不同的、独特的。因此,用于初创企业的会计准则不能适用于科技公司或制造企业。在这篇博文中,我们将简要介绍不同行业的会计程序,这篇博文将会对会计界有很大的帮助。

Accounting for Start-ups and small businesses: 创业及小型企业会计:

The major requirement for a start-up or a small business is the capital requirement. As it’s in a prior stage and a new business; sales, revenues and expenses need to be tracked regularly. In short, maintaining capital flow in the business is a must for them as that’s the way to their growth. 创业或小型企业的主要要求是资金要求。因为它是在之前的阶段和一个新的业务;销售、收入和费用需要定期跟踪。简而言之,维持企业的资本流动对他们来说是必须的,因为这是他们成长的途径。

Accounting for Manufacturing and Retail Industry: 制造业和零售业会计:

For manufacturing and retail businesses, inventory management and control are the core requirements, as the whole business depends on those sources. As an accounting firm we take care of this special need and deliver the best of our services. 对于制造和零售企业来说,库存管理和控制是核心需求,因为整个企业都依赖于这些资源。作为一家会计师事务所,我们满足这一特殊需求并提供最好的服务。

Accounting for Service-based Industry: 服务业会计:

For a service based business, accounts receivables and accounts payables along with asset management are the important requirements. It’s necessary to keep a good track on these aspects in order to run the business efficiently. 对于基于服务的业务,应收账款和应付账款以及资产管理是重要的需求。为了有效地运行业务,有必要对这些方面保持良好的跟踪。

Accounting for Tech Firms: 科技公司会计:

Payroll management and operating expenses are the two major concerns for tech firms. Tech firms mostly deal with intellectual properties and thus these two aspects contribute the most in shaping the success. 工资管理和运营费用是科技公司关注的两大问题。科技公司大多涉及知识产权,因此这两个方面对成功的塑造贡献最大。

Various industry sectors would have different standards with regard to the processes of accounting and bookkeeping. This is to a great extent due to the character of the specific business. A cash flow which is good is important across various industries. 不同的工业部门对会计和簿记的程序有不同的标准。这在很大程度上取决于具体业务的性质。良好的现金流对各个行业都很重要。

Regardless of which industry one is working in, it is imperative in having a solid foundation with regard to the fundamental standards of bookkeeping and accounting. There is a need to look at various accounting and bookkeeping processes for various industries. 无论你在哪个行业工作,对基本的簿记和会计标准有一个坚实的基础是必要的。有必要研究不同行业的各种会计和簿记程序。

Start-ups and small businesses: 创业及小型企业:

Start-ups, for instance, might require keeping a watch over the equity of the business owner. But a small business which began with the savings of a business owner would not at first have any investors. In the case of both, capital is critical for growth. 例如,初创企业可能需要关注企业所有者的权益。但是,从企业主的储蓄起步的小企业,一开始是不会有任何投资者的。在这两种情况下,资本都是增长的关键。

Technology firms: 科技公司:

Technology firms may have lesser fixed assets for monitoring because they conduct vast majority of their work in the software or in computers. This implies that bookkeepers and accountants should concentrate more on overseeing working costs and the salary of the employees. 科技公司用于监控的固定资产可能较少,因为它们绝大部分的工作都是在软件或电脑上进行的。这意味着簿记员和会计应该更专注于监督工作成本和员工的工资。

Service-based industries: 服务行业:

Service-based enterprises, for example, law companies would spend additional time on making a collection of invoices which are not paid and this would impact the processes of accounting and bookkeeping. 例如,以服务业为基础的企业,法律公司将花费额外的时间来收集未付款的发票,这将影响会计和簿记的程序。

Construction industries: 建筑行业:

The construction industry is considered being a sector which needs to do accounting for a huge amount of money and various raw materials on the books. This implies bookkeepers and accountants need to be spending additional time in handling inventory when compared to other industries. Another industry which invests additional time on the inventory could be wholesalers. 建筑行业被认为是一个需要做会计的巨额资金和各种原材料的账面上。这意味着,与其他行业相比,簿记员和会计人员需要花费更多的时间来处理库存。另一个在库存上投入额外时间的行业可能是批发商。

Apart from all the requirements stated, one thing that comes true for all the industries is the need of frequent cash flow. Without good cash flow, no industry can survive in the market. Thus maintaining cash flow is a significant factor for any business in any industry. 除了所有规定的要求外,所有行业都需要经常的现金流。没有良好的现金流,任何行业都无法在市场中生存。因此,保持现金流对任何行业的任何企业都是一个重要因素。

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