Professional Accounting Services

Professional Accounting Services

To meet the compliance needs of the clients, we have established a team of professional accountants that are committed to serve you with the compilation of business accounts data, report preparation as per the format stipulated by ACRA, submission of the report to ACRA/IRAS.


We can design and implement the tailor-made professional accounting services in Singapore as per individual needs which meet the ACRA standards as well. Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide customized accounting services that can be availed on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.


Our professional accounting services include:
• Maintain full set of accounting transactions
• Preparation of tax computation and financial statements
• Reconciliations of bank and other accounts
• General Ledger, sub ledgers and account schedules

• 维持全套会计交易
• 编制税务计算和财务报表
• 银行和其他账户的调节
• 总分类账、子分类账和账户明细表

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