Singapore Company Secretary

Singapore Company Secretary 新加坡公司秘书

Section 171 of the Companies Act requires all companies in Singapore to appoint a company secretary who ensures that the company is compliant with Singapore’s Company Law. The secretary is more than a mere overhead expense for a company. As an officer, advisor, and a fiduciary to the company, its board and its shareholders, the company secretary plays a vital role in the smooth operation and eventual success of any Singapore company. 《公司法》第171条要求新加坡所有公司任命一名公司秘书,以确保公司符合新加坡公司法。秘书不仅仅是公司的日常开支。作为公司、董事会和股东的管理人员、顾问和受托人,公司秘书对任何一家新加坡公司的顺利运营和最终成功都起着至关重要的作用。

Key Provisions 关键条款

  • The Companies Act requires new companies to appoint a company secretary within 6 months of incorporation. 《公司法》要求新公司在成立后6个月内任命一名公司秘书。
  • The company secretary must be a natural person and resident of Singapore. 公司秘书必须是新加坡的自然人和居民。
  • The directors of a company can appoint a company secretary through a resolution passed by the board of directors. 公司董事可以通过董事会决议任命公司秘书。
  • The company secretary is an officer of the company, an advisor to the board, the main liaison between the shareholders and directors, and the main compliance officer. 公司秘书是公司的高级管理人员,董事会的顾问,股东和董事之间的主要联络人,主要的合规官。
  • Companies can hire a third party provider to act as the company secretary. 公司可以聘请第三方供应商担任公司秘书。

Qualification Requirements 资格要求

Who can be a company secretary? 谁可以成为公司秘书?

Per the Companies Act, a company secretary must meet the following requirements: 根据《公司法》,公司秘书必须符合以下要求:

  • A company secretary is expected to be knowledgeable and experienced with company regulations and compliance 公司秘书应该对公司的规章制度和规章制度有足够的知识和经验
  • The company secretary’s primary residence must be in Singapore 公司秘书的主要住所必须在新加坡
  • A company secretary must be an ordinary resident of Singapore 公司秘书必须是新加坡的普通居民

Who cannot be a company secretary? 谁不能成为公司秘书?

  • The sole director of a company cannot serve as a company secretary 公司的唯一董事不能担任公司秘书
  • The company secretary has been debarred 公司秘书已被解职


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