What is Corpass and How to register?

What is Corpass and How to register? 什么是Corpass,如何注册?

As announced by the Singapore Government last year, Singapore Corporate Access (CorpPass), which is the digital identity for businesses in the country, will the only login method for businesses to transact with the Government from September 1, 2018. This means that all other existing login methods, such as SingPass and EASY, will cease then. 新加坡政府去年宣布,自2018年9月1日起,新加坡企业接入(CorpPass)将成为企业与政府进行交易的唯一登录方式。这意味着所有其它有的登录方法,如SingPass和EASY,将会停止。

By segregating login IDs used for corporate and personal transactions, CorpPass enhances personal privacy and protects sensitive business information. CorpPass marks the first time that the Government is rolling out a single corporate digital identity. This creates opportunities for even more services and transactions to be provided online conveniently and securely. 通过分离用于公司和个人交易的登录用户名, CorpPass增强了个人隐私,保护了敏感的商业信息。CorpPass标志着政府首次推出单一的企业数字身份。这就为更多的服务和交易创造了机会,使它们能够在网上方便而安全地提供。

While more than 80 percent of businesses that have regular transactions with the Government have already registered for and started using CorpPass, to better protect and manage their corporate data; the government is encouraging those which are left, to do immediately. 与政府有定期交易的企业中,超过80%已经注册并开始使用CorpPass,以更好地保护和管理企业数据;政府鼓励剩下的企业立即行动。

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) expects more than 250,000 active businesses to use CorpPass, which is another initiative which demonstrates Singapore’s commitment to creating better efficiencies and a more secure digital ecosystem for businesses to thrive in a Smart Nation. CorpPass has been progressively implemented by various government agencies from September 2016, and more than 130 government digital services are now using CorpPass as a login method. 政府技术机构(GovTech)预计超过25万家活跃的企业将使用CorpPass,这是另一个表明新加坡致力于创造更好的效率和更安全的数字生态系统,让企业在一个智能国家蓬勃发展的举措。自2016年9月起,CorpPass已由多个政府机构逐步实施,目前有超过130个政府数字服务使用CorpPass作为登录方式。

Notably, GovTech is a statutory board formed in October, 2016, after the restructuring of the Infocomm Development Authority. Following the formation of the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group in May, 2017, GovTech is placed under the Prime Minister’s Office as the implementing agency of the Group. 值得一提的是,GovTech是一个法定委员会,成立于2016年10月,在资讯通信发展管理局重组之后。随着2017年5月智能国家和数字政府集团的成立,GovTech被置于总理办公室作为该集团的执行机构。

How to register for CorpPass in Singapore 如何在新加坡注册CorpPass

The step-by-step guide on how to register for CorpPass in Singapore is as follows: 如何在新加坡注册CorpPass的详细步骤如下:

Step 1 – Register Officer (RO) with UEN or Singpass logs on to CorpPass website 步骤1 –使用UEN或Singpass登录到注册官员(RO) CorpPass网站

At the moment, local entities with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and foreign entities without a local UEN are eligible. Local entities without a UEN are not eligible. Though if interested, an entity may obtain a UEN by registering with an appropriate UEN issuance agency. Also note, that availability of CorpPass for foreign entities is subject to a provision by ACRA or other UEN-issuance agency’s digital services. 目前,具有唯一实体编号(UEN)的本地实体和没有本地UEN的外部实体都有资格申请。没有UEN的本地实体是没有资格的。如果感兴趣,实体可以通过在适当的UEN发行机构注册获得UEN。还请注意,CorpPass对外国实体的可用性取决于ACRA或其他UEN发行机构的数字服务的规定。

Step 2 – Secondly, you need to identify your CorpPass role 第二步,你需要确定你的CorpPass角色

Whether you are a registered officer, CorpPass Admin, or a CorpPass user. Person(s) registered with the companies UEN can be the registered officer (RO). They can also choose to be CorpPass Admin. Also, there can be a maximum of 2 Admin accounts per entity, while there is no limit to the number of CorpPass users per entity. 无论您是注册官员,CorpPass管理员,还是CorpPass用户。在有关公司注册的实体可成为注册官员。他们也可以选择成为CorpPass管理员。此外,每个实体最多可以有两个管理帐户,而每个实体的CorpPass用户数量没有限制。

Step 3 – Register a CorpPass Admin account for the business, 步骤3 –注册CorpPass管理帐户的业务,

Which can only be done by the RO, or the Admin nominated by the RO. 这只能由注册官员或注册官员指定的管理员来做。

Step 4 – Create CorpPass User Account. 步骤4 –创建CorpPass用户帐户。

Though this step is not required if the CorpPass admin is the person who transacts with IRAS and has been granted access to all digital services – proceeds to Step 4. Do note that all EASY records as at July 24, 2018, will be migrated to facilitate the creation of CorpPass User Account. 如果CorpPass管理员是与IRAS进行交易并已被允许访问所有数字服务的人,则不需要此步骤—继续到步骤4。请注意,所有截至2018年7月24日的EASY记录将被迁移,以方便创建CorpPass用户账户。

Step 5 – Assign IRAS digital services to CorpPass Admin. 步骤5 –将IRAS数字服务分配给CorpPass管理员。

Again, this step is not required if the CorpPass Admin or user responsible to transact with IRAS has been granted access to all digital services in Step 2 or Step 3. IRAS digital services will be listed in CorpPass from August 15, 2018. CorpPass Admin can start assigning IRAS digital services to Entity and User from this date. 同样,如果CorpPass管理员或负责与IRAS进行交易的用户已在步骤2或步骤3中被授予访问所有数字服务的权限,则不需要此步骤。IRAS数字服务将于2018年8月15日在CorpPass列出。CorpPass管理员可以从这个日期开始向实体和用户分配IRAS数字服务。

All companies must first be authorised via CorpPass before they can log in to IRAS digital services. These include corporate tax filing and payment, GST filing and payment, property tax filing and payment, PIC Cash Payout, Withholding Tax forms, Partnership forms, Tax Clearance form, Automatic Exchange of Information (CRS and FATCA), e-Stamping, as well as submission of employment income records, donation records, and commission records. 所有公司必须首先通过CorpPass授权,才能登录IRAS数字服务。这些包括公司税务申报和支付、消费税申报和支付、财产税申报和支付、PIC现金支付、预提税表格、合伙表格、税务清算表格、自动信息交换(CRS和FATCA)、电子印花,以及提交就业收入记录、捐赠记录和佣金记录。

If your company has previously authorised a third party/tax agent to manage all tax matters in EASY, you need not re-authorise your third party/tax agent in CorpPass. Otherwise, please authorise your third party/tax agent. 如贵公司先前已授权第三者/税务代理人管理所有税务事宜,则无须重新授权CorpPass的第三者/税务代理人。否则,请授权您的第三方/税务代理。

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