Choosing a Company or Business Name

Choosing a Company or Business Name 选择公司或商业名称

Before you can register a business or incorporate a company, the first step is to register a business name. Your business name allows you to identify your business to your customer, and to differentiate your business from competitors. Here are some tips on choosing a business name or company name: 在你可以注册一个企业或成立一个公司之前,第一步是注册一个企业名称。您的企业名称允许您向客户标识您的企业,并将您的企业与竞争对手区分开来。以下是一些选择企业名称或公司名称的建议:

Avoid similar or identical names. When selecting a business name you should first search on BizFile+. ACRA’s online business registration and filing portal at,  to check if the name has already been taken. You should avoid selecting business names that are identical to existing ones. You should also check for names with similar pronunciations or for similar names but in different sequences. It’s also a good idea to check for names with words that have similar meanings. All of these steps will help prevent confusion for your customers and reduce the likelihood of a party raising a complaint that your business name resembles theirs. For example, if there is an existing company called the Cherry Delights (Singapore) Pte Ltd, you would not be able to register Cherry Delights as a sole proprietorship; neither can you register Cherry Delight. 避免相似或相同的名字。在选择商业名称时,应该首先在BizFile+上进行搜索。ACRA的在线商业登记和备案门户网站,以检查这个名字是否已经被取走。您应该避免选择与现有名称相同的商业名称。你还应该检查发音相似的名字,或者发音相似但顺序不同的名字。这也是一个好主意,检查名称与词有类似的意思。所有这些步骤都将有助于防止客户产生混淆,并减少一方投诉你的企业名称与他们的名称相似的可能性。例如,如果现有一家名为Cherry Delights (Singapore) Pte Ltd的公司,您将不能注册Cherry Delights为独资企业:您也不能注册Cherry Delight。

Avoid selecting undesirable names. For instance, names containing expletives, as these will be rejected by ACRA. 避免选择不需要的名称。例如,包含咒骂语的名称,因为ACRA将拒绝这些名称。

Lastly, the law specifies certain business names, such as the name Temasek, which are not available for registration. This includes names that the minister has directed the Registrar not to accept. 最后,该法律规定了某些企业名称,如淡马锡(Temasek),该名称不允许注册。这包括部长指示司法常务官不要接受的姓名。

Once you have decided on a business name, you can login to BizFile+ to submit an application. During the application process, if your selected business name is already taken, you will be prompted by the system to select another name. 一旦确定了企业名称,就可以登录BizFile+提交申请。在应用过程中,如果您选择的商业名称已经被采用,系统将提示您选择另一个名称。

When submitting your business name application, you must pick your primary activity and secondary activity from a list of Singapore standard Industrial Classification or SSIC codes. There will also be a field for you to key in your intended business activity. For example, if you intend to sell cakes and pastries, you would select the SSIC code 10712 for manufacture of bread cakes and confectionary. You might then type ‘sale of cakes’ in the next field. Under secondary activity, if you intend to also sell baking tools, you would then select SSIC code 47534 for retail sale of crockery cutlery and kitchen utensils, and type ‘sale of baking tools’ in the next field. The secondary business activity field is optional. 提交企业名称申请时,您必须从新加坡标准行业分类或SSIC代码列表中选择主要活动和次要活动。还会有一个字段供您键入预期的商业活动。例如,如果您打算销售蛋糕和糕点,您可以选择SSIC代码10712来生产面包蛋糕和糖果。你可以在下一个栏中输入“蛋糕销售”。在第二项活动中,如果您打算同时销售烘焙工具,那么您可以选择SSIC代码47534用于陶器、刀具和厨房用具的零售销售,并在下一个字段中输入“销售烘焙工具”。次要商业活动字段是可选的。

Applications to register a business name are usually approved immediately. This may take longer between 14 days and two months, if the application needs to be referred to relevant authorities for review. For instance, if a name application contains the words legal or law, it will be referred to the Legal Services Regulatory Authority. 注册企业名称的申请通常会立即获得批准。如果需要将申请提交给相关部门审核,这可能需要更长的时间,从14天到两个月不等。例如,如果一个名称应用程序包含“法律的”或“法律”字样,那么它将被提交给法律服务监管机构。

Business name applications cost $15. Once it has been approved, the name will be reserved for 120 days. During this period, you must proceed to register the business or incorporate the company. Otherwise the name reservation will lapse and the name will be released for registration by other parties. After your name application has been approved, you may proceed to register your preferred type of business entity. 企业名称申请的成本为15新元。一旦被批准,名称将保留120天。在此期间,您必须继续注册商业或成立公司。否则,姓名保留将失效,姓名将被释放,供其他各方登记。在你的名字申请被批准后,你可以继续注册你喜欢的商业实体类型。

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