Licensing Your Business

Licensing Your Business 为你的商业申请执照

Certain business activities require a license or permit before you can start operating. After you have successfully registered your business or incorporated your company, you can proceed to apply for the license or permit from the relevant government agencies. For example, if you plan to operate a cafe, you would need to apply for a food shop license from the National Environment Agency. If you intend to run a pet shop, you must apply for a license for pet shop from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority. To check if a license or permit is required for your intended business activity, visit the License One portal at 某些商业活动需要执照或许可证才能开始经营。当你成功注册你的公司或成立你的公司后,你便可以向有关的政府机构申请执照或许可证。例如,如果你打算经营一家咖啡馆,你需要向国家环境局申请食品商店许可证。如果你打算经营宠物店,你必须向农粮局和兽医局申请宠物店许可证。要检查您的商业活动是否需要执照或许可证,请访问的许可证一号门户。

If you are planning to import goods to trade, you may first need to apply for a permit with the Singapore customs. Do refer to the Singapore customs website for more information. 如果你打算进口货物进行贸易,你可能首先需要向新加坡海关申请许可证。更多信息请访问新加坡海关网站。

It is best to start your research on licensing requirements before registering with ACRA. For more information on setting up a business in Singapore you can refer to the ACRA website at Best of luck! 最好在注册ACRA之前就开始研究许可要求。有关在新加坡创业的更多信息,请访问ACRA网站。祝您好运!

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